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Thankfully the G6DS Real is no different here.

I should note here that if you're having trouble with your cards file system, that the G6DS Real has a built-in self formatter. Simply turn your DS on with the card inserted and hold down 'Start' when booting the G6. This will enter a formatting menu. Just be aware that, obviously, everything on your card will be wiped if you choose to g6ds real card it.

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When connecting the USB linker to the PC, always ensure that the G6DS Real cart is inserted, otherwise the linker will be detected as a random piece of hardware and will g6ds real card install properly. There are no drivers required.


If you have connected the linker without the cart inserted, don't worry, just remove it from the USB port, wait a few seconds and re-attach with the G6 inserted. If you're migrating from another flash cart to the G6DS Real and would like to carry across your previous gave g6ds real card files, I recommend you use the following web-based application created by GBAtemp's very own Shuny Make sure you remove both the USB linker and cart together. Otherwise it will result in corruption or missing files which we g6ds real card experienced. Also, make sure never to remove the cart from the linker when the blue light is lit.

To remove the reader and g6ds real card safely under Windows, click the 'Safely remove hardware' icon in your system tray and click to remove the writer. A message should show on screen indicating that it is safe to remove. This cancels any delayed writes to the card and prevents the file system from becoming corrupted. You can either have the G6DS Real set to auto boot when you turn on your DS and bypass the main DS menu, or you can set it up so it acts like a regular DS game and appears in the main menu. My suggestion is to always have a backup in your PC in case anything goes wrong. Upon closer inspection however, you notice that there is a chip sticking out right where it is labeled G6DS Real. Because of the glossy layer on the sticker, it feels like it is sticking out more than it really is. It is quite awkward to insert when you are use to carts perfectly identical to original games, however, after a few times, you will get used to it.

There is a green bar at the bottom of the screen that shows how far you are into the song. You can close the DS and still listen to the music. You can also lock the keys g6ds real card that if you bump your L or R key nothing will happen. The e-book viewer is nice and has a lot of features. It is quick and easy to launch your e-book.


Features include: The loading and saving of bookmarks, 7 different screen modes double screen, like a book etc. Font size can be changed. There is also a key lock. However, this is understandable, as there is already a massive amount of programs out on the internet that can do g6ds real card already. The system files for the G6DS are quite fast to update, there is no need to run anything within the cart, simply replace the system folder or the files to update.


If your cart ever has its system folder deleted or get corrupted, the G6DS Real has a very minimalist loader that can run games. Standard FAT g6ds real card support. Perfect preformance. The GUI is completely skinnable.

You can have up to a total of 5 different skins to select from, and they are selectable from within the GUI. Owners of the previous G6 Lite won't find much new here, but for people using this as their first flash kit may g6ds real card surprised at what the OS offers. The first firmware release 1. Fortunately, the team have released version 1. Version 1. The time it takes to get into the OS using version 1. The OS is entirely skinnable by replacing simple. By continuing to use the site or closing this banner, you are agreeing to our terms of use. The mini CD contains the latest firmware and instructions. Packaging includes also a free wrist strap. Download the latest firmware, then plug the card into the adapter, connect the adapter to the PC and simply drag and drop the files onto the card. Always make sure that the card is g6ds real card inserted otherwise the linker may not install properly.

File drag and drop takes few moments. The slow motion can be enabled or disabled during game play too.

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Un saludo.The G6DS Real arrives in a surprisingly small box. Open it up and you'll find the following: Box Contents.

G6DS Real; Dual DS card case; Wrist. G6 Flash card for NDS g6ds real card / DS Lite. Introduction - Team G6 have developed another great flash kit known as G6DS Real. This Slot 1 solution has superb NDS .

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