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AEM EMS Guidebook/Injector Phase

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Bosch 4. Now there's a lot of assumptions that have to made here Hey guys, it's Andre from High Performance Academy. Welcome to this webinar where we're going to be focusing aem injector the injector characterization or injector set up in the AEM Infinity range of ECUs.

Now, this is a relatively straightforward task, it is reasonably quick and easy to cover off and go through when you are setting up the ECU. However, the reason I am going to focus on this today is that I still know a lot of tuners don't properly understand how to do this or what the numbers and tables mean. And the problem with a volumetric efficiency or VE-based fuel system such as that used by the Infinity, is that if we don't have this data correct, then it is going to affect the accuracy of our entire tune, or in aem injector, our volumetric efficiency table, and the ability of the ECU to properly track our requested air fuel ratio or lambda targets.


So this is one of the aspects that we do need to cover off and for any of you who've been through our practical Dyno tuning course and learned the HPA 10 step process, you'll know that this is one of our very early steps in the 10 step process. You can waste a lot of time if you get sort of stuck into the tuning straight away and come back and find that you haven't properly set up your injector data. So what we're going to do is start by talking about why injector characterization is important, and I think really it's fair to say that this has come up over the last couple of years, maybe three years, and it's aem injector a little bit of a buzz word. There's a lot of injector manufacturers out there who are talking a lot about injector characterization. It's also being brought on board by a lot of the ECU manufacturers, particularly in the current era, you're seeing a lot more ECU manufactures incorporate this volumetric efficiency-based aem injector tuning model.

AEM EMS Guidebook/Injector Phase

Now, I just want to really focus quickly on what that means and in terms of the VE fuel model, the difference really is that what we're doing as tuners in the VE table is we're defining the air flow into the engine, or the volumetric efficiency of the engine at each point in the table. So unlike a conventional fuel model, where aem injector directly requesting an injector pulse width, here we're actually telling the ECU how much air is going into the engine.

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Thanks, SB. If you are concerned about.

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I need help installing a in a 1g dsm eclipse turbo. Adding 6 additional injectors. Of course you would have to change the map for fueling on the new injectors, but essentially yep that is all that needs to be set up. Great, I used to have a Tweecer with my EEC, so I am a little familiar with this, but my injectors were listed so I wasn't sure what to do if they weren't. Will just choosing the aem injector injector size get my very close to where I was?Injector.

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Hello, I just bought a EMS and my injectors, Accel 48 lb, new injectors, but essentially yep that is all that needs to be aem injector up. So I spent the last 2 months perfecting my tune aem injector really getting to know the AEM.

I am now planning to upgrade the injectors. I am currently.

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