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I got the solution on Gentoo Forums. Gentoo ath9k Szilard Novaki Link: ath9k. Then Gentoo ath9k created a Linux partition and a Linux Swap partition. Used fdisk to fix the partition types again 83 and The existing EFI partition is actually empty, but don't remove it! I chose ext4 for the filesystem because it's still one of the fastest today look at various Phoronix benchmarks on non-SSD disks.

A very good alternative in terms of speed and reliability is XFS. Thread Tools.

BB code is On. Quick Search :. Until Julythe only way to get this card working was using ndiswrapper. This method is often reported as working gentoo ath9k bad frequent loss of connection, WPA not working But in July Broadcom released new official and almost free drivers they call it "hybrid" that seem to work very well. First we review the ndiswrapper way, that should be soon deprecated and then we show the use of the official broadcom driver IMHO it should become now the standard way. Unrar it.


If you want ndiswrapper module to autoload at system startup you can easily do that by letting ndiswrapper to configure its module:. Than you can proceed gentoo ath9k setup your network configuration.


Briefly said, you just have to compile the driver and then install it. Say you created a directory named "broadcom" in gentoo ath9k home directory and downloaded the archive in it, then:. Then copy the driver in the modules directory and load it.

You may need to create the "misc" directory first. Notice the gentoo ath9k device's name will be eth1 whereas with other drivers it is generally called "wlan0". This is normal. Than you can proceed to setup your network configuration seen gentoo documentation or use network-manager. If the Gentoo boot scripts doesn't connect you can connect manually.


This will work with modern, non-specialized routers, if additional configuration wireless extensions is gentoo ath9k, see the MadWifi Wiki. The driver will search for the strongest AP Access Point and try to connect to it.

Only those verified by kernel developers are enabled by default. Gentoo ath9k distributions which picked it up. This article describes the setup of a WiFi wireless network device. I use Gentoo, Atheros and the ath9k with the cfg enabled. I use iw though.

How To Easily Install Gentoo On Acer C Chromebook > Toshal Infotech

I have no problems or special setup. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Be aware that some of gentoo ath9k instructions on this page may not be in the same order in that you will encounter them during the installation. So I suggest that you read ahead a bit to avoid unwelcome surprises. Also Notes have been added to gentoo ath9k where users were kind enough to put in input of their personal experiences. The appropriate make. The make.

[SOLVED] Atheros AR with ath9k not working after upgrade

What you put in it and gentoo ath9k you set it up is a fundamental part to how well the system will run. An example make.I have been having trouble gentoo ath9k wireless in kernel using the ath9k module. This wireless interface has worked before in gentoo linux. If a WiFi connection is needed while installing Gentoo, note that the Gentoo minimal install CD has a limited number of drivers available, and.

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