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General - Solaris Why do I get error "libodbc. This form worked in Libreoffice v6.

Package: libreoffice-base-drivers (1:6.3.0-2 and others)

I could add data, the autonumbering worked OK, data was stored and retrieved correctly. Hsqldb odbc includes fields that you complete to set the connection properties for the selected target type.

The fields that appear on the dialog box are specific hsqldb odbc the type of database to which you are connecting and the target type that you selected. The label for a required field appears in red until you have supplied a value for the field. For information on connection properties for a Datasource target type, see Data Source Connection Properties.

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I would like to use the ODBC driver that is described in the feature list. But I can't find where to hsqldb odbc it from. In another post the user said he got it from the SVN and had to compile it.

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I added a user with a password, but I still can't connect. I tried various combinations and got the following results. User tries to connect with a hsqldb odbc password - gets message 'A password is required In the process leading to 1. Hsqldb odbc Access Translators - Teiid 8.

Hsqldb odbc this table is not available, alerts will not function. Substitutions are used for the database connection names and table names which are defined in the rtview.

Hsqldbzip: hsqldb/hsqldb/doc/ Fossies

Shared locks and exclusive locks are supported. Before reading from a table, hsqldb odbc database tries to add a shared lock to the table this is only hsqldb odbc if there is no exclusive lock on the object by another connection.

aspire 4715z lanEditing a Defined Target
dc-fw800 pcieLinks for libreoffice-base-drivers

If the shared lock is added successfully, the table can be read. It is allowed that other connections also hsqldb odbc a shared lock on the same object.

If a connection wants to write hsqldb odbc a table update or delete a rowan exclusive lock is required. To get the hsqldb odbc lock, other connection must not have any locks on the object. After the connection commits, all locks are released.

Form got broken with Libreoffice Base version and later [MySQL(ODBC)] - Ask LibreOffice

This database keeps all locks in memory. When a lock is released, and multiple connections are waiting for it, one of them is picked at random. If a connection cannot get a lock on an object, the connection waits for some amount of time the lock timeout. During this time, hopefully the connection holding the hsqldb odbc commits and it is then possible to get the lock. If this is not possible because the other connection does not release the lock for some time, the unsuccessful connection will get a lock timeout exception.

The lock timeout can be set individually for each connection. The architecture is: two database servers run on two different computers, and on both computers is a copy of the same database. If both servers run, each database operation is executed on both computers. If one server fails power, hardware or network failurethe other server can still continue to hsqldb odbc. From this point on, the operations will be executed only on one server until the other server is back up.


Clustering can only be used in the server mode the embedded mode does not support clustering. The cluster can be re-created using the CreateCluster tool without stopping the remaining server. To understand how clustering works, please try out the following example.I would like to use the ODBC driver that is described in the feature list. But I can't find A version of HSQLDB client for platform (a version based on HSQLDB X is in SVN). An improved ODBC driver for Hsqldb odbc 2.x.

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