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Certificado digital aasp you have been wondering, the questions are actual! Moreover, outbreaks of animal diseases in Brazil may result in foreign governmental action to close export markets to some or all of our products, which may result in the destruction of some or all of these animals. Our poultry business in Brazilian and export markets could also be negatively affected by avian influenza. Chicken and other birds in some countries, particularly in Asia but also in Europe, the Americas and Africa, have on occasion become infected by highly pathogenic avian influenza in recent years. In a small number of highly-publicized cases, the avian influenza has been transmitted from birds to humans, resulting in illness and, at times, death.

Accordingly, health authorities in many countries have taken steps to prevent outbreaks of this viral disease, including destruction of afflicted poultry flocks.

The cases reported were caused by the H5N1 virus. Indirect human-to-human transmission of the H7N9 virus was proven. Various countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa certificado digital aasp human cases in the last five years and various European countries reported avian flu cases in poultry.


Inthere were reports of human cases of avian certificado digital aasp in Egypt, Indonesia, Cambodia, China and Vietnam. In the Americas, there were reports of human cases of avian influenza in both Canada and the United States.


Innew outbreaks occurred in bird populations certificado digital aasp Northern Europe, including France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, and Germany. Middle Eastern and African countries also had outbreaks during To date, Brazil has not had a documented case of avian influenza, although there certificado digital aasp concerns that an outbreak of avian influenza may occur in the country in the future.

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Any outbreak of avian influenza in Brazil could lead to required destruction of our poultry flocks, which would result in decreased sales in the poultry industry, prevent recovery of costs incurred in raising or purchasing poultry, and result in additional expense for the disposal of destroyed poultry. In addition, any outbreak of avian influenza certificado digital aasp Brazil would likely lead to immediate restrictions on the export of some of our products to key export markets.

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Preventive actions adopted certificado digital aasp Brazilian authorities, if any, may not be effective in precluding the spread of avian influenza within Brazil. In earlyChile, a neighboring country, confirmed the occurrence of avian influenza.

Whether or not an outbreak of avian influenza occurs in Brazil, further outbreaks of avian influenza anywhere certificado digital aasp the world could have a negative impact on the consumption of poultry in our key export markets or in Brazil, and a significant outbreak would negatively affect our results of operation and financial condition. Any certificado digital aasp could lead to the imposition of costly preventive controls on poultry imports in our export markets.


Accordingly, any spread of avian influenza, or increasing concerns about this disease, may have certificado digital aasp material and adverse effect on our company. We may also be subject from time to time to additional outbreaks of animal-related diseases, such as Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea and foot-and-mouth disease affecting cattle. Climate change may negatively affect our business and results of operations.


We consider the potential effects of climate change when evaluating and managing our operations and supply chain, recognizing the vulnerability of natural resources and agricultural inputs that are essential certificado digital aasp our activities. The main risks we have identified relate to the alterations in temperature average and extremechanges in rainfall average and extreme, such as drought, flooding and storms and lack of waterwhich could affect agricultural productivity, the quality and availability of pasture areas, animal wellbeing and the availability of energy. These changes could have a direct impact on our costs, raising the price of agricultural commodities as a result of long periods of drought or excessive rainfall, increasing operating costs to ensure animal wellbeing, increasing the risk of rationing and raising the price of electrical energy through water shortages and the need for other energy sources to supply the demand for electricity.

We also consider potential regulatory changes and monitor trends in changes to licensing legislation for greenhouse gas emissions at the domestic and international levels.

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Our operations are largely dependent on electricity, and energy-related expenses are one of our highest fixed costs. Energy costs have historically fluctuated significantly over time, certificado digital aasp increases in energy costs could result in reduced profits. A significant interruption in power supply or outright loss of power at any of our production facilities or distribution centers could result in a temporary disruption in production and delivery of products to customers and additional costs.Conta de e-mail exclusiva para associados, com capacidade de 10 GB e domínio AASP. Filie-se e receba suas intimações com segurança!.

Política de Certificado de Assinatura. Digital Tipo A3 da Autoridade Certificadora Imprensa. Oficial SP para a Secretaria da Receita.

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